• Tax software you can log in to and use anywhere
  • Helpful guidance and explanations so you can file accurately
  • Three simple steps: prep, save and e-file
  • $25 + State Filing
All the goods you get with Classic, plus
  • Access to Priority Support via phone or email
  • Live chat to get answers fast
  • Audit Assistance For three full years
  • A FREE financial coaching session after you file ($200+ value)!
  • 45.00 + State Filing

How does Ramsey SmartTax compare with the other software on the market?

Our software is reliable and easy to use. So is theirs.

How we’re different:
1) Clear pricing. The other guys advertise free filing, but hardly anyone actually files for free. Most users' taxes don’t qualify as “simple” and they get surprised with add-on fees in the end. We don’t do that. The cost is exactly what we say it is at the beginning. No surprises.

2) Concern for your money goals. The other guys make money by selling credit cards and loans to their users. We call that selling people debt. Ramsey will never sell you anything that will put you into debt.

Why Should I Use Ramsey SmartTax?

98% of 2022 users plan on filing with Ramsey SmartTax again. That’s just how easy it is! For half the price of the other guys (after they add on all their fees), you’ll do your taxes right, get every deduction you deserve, and not get slammed with ads selling you loans and credit cards. Why’s that a big deal? Nutshell: The other guys make a profit when you take on debt. That’s not how we do things at Ramsey. #debtfree

How Much Does It Really Cost?

To file federal taxes, you’ll pay $25.00 for Classic and $45.00 for Premium (Premium comes with IRS audit protection). If you need to file a state income tax, you will pay separately for the state tax return (it’s $40.00).

Where can I learn more about what Ramsey says about taxes?

Ramsey says two things about taxes: You need to do them (duh), and you need to get your tax withholding as close to zero as possible. To learn more about tax withholdings and to browse our tax articles, go here.

What if I have a complex tax situation?

If your taxes are tough and you need to hand them over to a seasoned pro, we would stake our reputation on these Endorsed Local Providers. Connect with one here.